Yoga, healing & wellness

The first inhabitants ever in Koh Phangan were monks, more than 2000 years ago, and they built the first temples.

Afterward, the spiritual influence of buddhism never ceased spreading its beneficial energy upon the island. The great King Rama V, still revered as a god today, did not miss to feel it, as it is said he did visit Koh Phangan something like 14 times during his reign.

Nowadays, this energy is still here, even palpable, and many travelers are impressed and confess easily that Koh Phangan is really special, without being able to say why. And that’s also for this reason that several Yoga or spiritual practice centers have opened their doors here these last years.

There are also many places that offer a wide range of detox, health and wellness spa options, including relaxing massage and de-stress programs.

You can also enjoy massages directly in the Sala bed set on the rooftop of the villas or have private Yoga or fitness classes on your terrace, facing the ocean.

Most vegetarian or vegan restaurants on the island are a few minutes away from the villas.