Ocean & surrounding islands

A boat trip around the island is a relaxing adventure. You can go on a tour to explore the stunning surroundings of Koh Phangan and enjoy the underwater life while snorkeling.

You can explore the islands around Koh Phangan and spend a day at Ang Thong Marine Park. The 40-some jagged jungle islands of Ang Thong stretch across the cerulean sea like a shattered emerald necklace, each piece a virgin realm featuring sheer limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons and perfect peach-colored sands. These dream-inducing islets inspired Alex Garland’s cult classic The Beach.

You may also embark on a day trip go to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.

Being an island, Koh phangan offers many activities in or under the ocean : Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, sailing, windsurfing and even game fishing.

Koh Phangan has many International Dive Centers that will provide courses or will bring you to famous dive sites around the Island, on Koh Tao or at Sail Rock where if you are lucky you could encounter a whale shark !