Nightlife & Parties

If you like to enjoy nightlife Koh Phangan offers a large opportunity of events from delicious cocktails while watching the sunset, social dances, live concerts and jam sessions to underground party gatherings. There are opportunities for all kinds of taste.

The Full Moon Party happens every month whenever the moon is full. This party is world famous and though people come to Phangan from all corners of the Earth just to experience it, some find that with anywhere from 10 to 50,000 people throbbing up and down on the beachfront, it can be too intense for them.

Not to fear, there are plenty of other parties on Koh Phangan to keep you entertained! You will find an amazing choice of electric sound systems from psychedelic trance or minimal techno to drum & bass but also more private events gathering people in bars, restaurants along the west side of the island with a large choice of music and style.

To name a few, here are the other main parties on the Island : Half-Moon Festival, Jungle Experience, Black Moon Culture, Waterfall Party, Shiva Moon along with the more underground Parties at Lost Paradise, Guys Bar or Eden.