A taste of Thai culture

If you want to understand and discover Thai Culture, Koh Phangan offers the opportunity to understand and dive deeper into it.

You can try Thai cooking classes with a Thai Chef coming to your villa or learn Thai traditional dances. Why not also try to learn the Thai Language if you are staying here a few weeks or more… with the basics you will experience another Koh Phangan.

There are 20 temples to visit on Koh Pangan. The temple make up some of the islands historical and spiritual history and are the center of the Thai community.

Also, Thailand has a strong tradition of tattooed art and you will find lots of tattoo galleries on the Island.

More and more people are taking advantage of their stay here to get a tattoo. One reason for this is that Thailand is abundant with artists capable of making beautiful tattoos. Moreover, it is a lasting memory that will remind you of past trips. More than a trend, it is a cultural phenomenon in Koh Phangan !